Alternatively titled, “My Friends Have Cooler Hobbies Than I Do.”

Enter my pal, Tyler Wentworth. He’s a professional social media whiz, master Spotify playlist curator, and as of late, a vintage collector. Over the last several months, he’s spent his evenings and weekends scouring the Des Moines metro for pieces to add to his envy-inducing stockpile of bohemian and mid-century home goods.

The pursuit quickly turned into a full-blown side hustle and I’m telling you all about it because (PSA!) December 8-10, you can shop it all at the Preservation x Wentworth Vintage pop-up.

Scroll through for a sneak peek and for Tyler’s take on his new endeavor.


On how it began:

I’ve always been a thrifter. Ever since I graduated college I’ve thrifted my clothes, and I’d always look through the housewares and furniture. But three or four months ago I started picking up chairs or tables that looked very in style, mid-century and boho style furniture. And I started selling it on Facebook and Craigslist and making extra cash, just by essentially flipping some cool furniture I came across.


Then it started to get addicting. I’d hit up a dozen thrift stores in a week and started collecting everything from furniture, to pottery, glassware, art. Now I’m even grabbing things like bags and purses, just because there’s a huge market for it.




On his favorite finds:

I’ve found a lot of vintage art I really love and I’ve kept in my own apartment as well as some tapestries and rugs. You can’t really go wrong with a vintage rug with great style.


On scoring big:

I found this set of five mid-century, black, folding chairs that were really cool for five dollars a piece. Then I went online and learned more about the brand and found out they’re really well known so I ended up selling them for over $200 as a set.

IMG_2878 copyIMG_2891IMG_2890

On his favorite trend:

My favorite trend is the resurgence of mid-century modern. A lot of tapered legs and solid wood furniture that is very european feeling. The mid-century accents to me are really appealing and things I would put in my own home.


On his best advice:

Start small. Do research on Instagram and Esty to see what’s selling and what people are interested in. There are a lot of things people pick up because they think they look cool, but 5000 other thrifters are picking up the same items, so try to find things that you think are unique that aren’t necessarily being sold in mass already.


Follow Tyler on Instagram @tyler_wentworth for more of his finds.

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