Yesterday morning I left for work with frost on my windshield. FROST. Winter is here, y’all, and it’s brought its friends chunky socks, dry skin, and nights-inside-under-blankets.

After 25 years on this planet—and in the frigid Midwest no less—I’ve pretty much mastered winter survival. But if there’s one thing my game is lacking, it’s a fireplace. And oh how I wish I had one. Right now, I’m hardcore envying the beautiful white fireplaces that fill my Instagram feed and Pinterest pages. They blend the clean, modern look I love with the traditional sensibilities of an old home and the result is magic.

And there are endless ways to style them. A big mantel serves as a built in gallery for displaying art pieces and photos and the hearth begs for boho floor pillows, a pretty, over-sized basket, or a vintage fireplace screen. 

So, should I buy house just for the fireplace?

Circle Y or N. Thanks.



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