Between a new part-time job, freelance work, and okay fine some moderate Netflix binging, I’ve been lousy about posting as of late. So I thought I’d take a minute to share some recent design work on this platform. (There’s a bunch more on my portfolio if you’re interested.)

First up, a fun little project at my job. Last month we took off for Omaha to get our four studios together for our annual corporate retreat. The getaway presents an open bar, but also a chance to deviate from the normal design standards for name tags, schedules, and other marketing collateral.

recent work

This year I played off the theme of the old time-y murals in Omaha’s Old Market, since that’s we spent the bulk of our time. I got to exercise some hand lettering skills (lol because they’re hardly skills.) But it was fun to put pencil to paper and brush up on my Adobe Illustrator techniques.


More recently, I got to design bachelorette invites for my BFF, Julianne. She’s getting hitched in Key West, Florida next month, and the long weekend is pulling double duty for an epic girls night out, too. The event called for millennial pink (still not over it) and a tropical motif, duh. I went the postcard route to play into the destination wedding theme and printed these up with Moo. Their matte coating is soft and luxurious and never fails me.

recent work2

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