New month, new mood. Well, we’re half way through September already, but cut me a break.

Anyway, fall is, was, and always will be my favorite season. Not just because of my birthday (October 10th, pencil it in), but because of the cool air and warm colors. So naturally when I stepped on my first crunchy leaves yesterday I was elated. I mean, I very nearly wore my favorite oversized sweater today before I checked the weather and realized it was going to be sunny and 90 degrees.

I pumped the breaks wardrobe-wise, but you’d better believe I’m dreaming sweet, sweet dreams of over-the-knee boots, brisk jacket weather, and all the rich lipstick shades I stashed away for the summer.

So today I’m serving up ochre and rust. The two colors are all at once natural and luxe, cozy and daring, and supremely autumn.


Image Sources: neon, leather jacket, yellow furfur collar coat, comparison, landscape, liquor, yellow suede, eyes, blood orange, living room, blinds

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