A few weeks back a bunch of my coworkers placed an order for Thai takeout. Ordinarily their lunch choices would be totally inconsequential, but that day two of their fortune cookies ended up on my desk. And then in my belly, naturally.

Call me silly, but I always have and always will love cracking open those crispy cookies and unfolding whatever bit of wisdom they have inside. Like horoscopes, I try to dissect whatever divine message has been sent to me by way of cookie. Hey, a sign is a sign.

The first of the two cookies offered “Many opportunities are open to you. Work a little harder.” Which TBH sounds like a sitcom dad quip.

But the second:

Mediocrity is self-inflicted; Genius is self-bestowed.”

These words hit me like a sucker punch. I’ve been feeling so stuck lately — creatively, professionally, heck, I’m even in a kitchen rut — but I’m also quick to say, “I’m just waiting for the right time,” or and number of other lame excuse here because I’m comfortable and change isn’t.

I like to believe in fate, but this message was a reminder that we also get to make choices every day to create the lives we want. It’s easy to idle through life, but there’s nothing remarkable about that. Genius though, however you define it, is fulfilling. It just requires action; a little spark to rev up life.

I think it’s what this fortune doesn’t say that says it all: take more risks, try more things, create more, learn more, challenge the status quo, be kind to yourself, but also ask a lot of yourself because there is no limit to your genius.

Sometimes fate doesn’t deliver the opportunity of your dreams, it quite literally delivers Thai takeout and a fortune cookie you need to take to heart. #cheesefactor

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